Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Halluin-Menen/Menen-Halluin (or whatever...)

Wednesday 6 May 2015.

Lynn rode off to the laundry in Halluin while I caught up a bit on the much behind blog then rode into town to stock up on some supplies – popped into the beer ‘shop’ and the young man whose wife we had spoken to yesterday remembered me and had found a spare Duvel glass for me. What pleasantness!

Then in a strong, head-on wind and with smattering rain we rode 5kms to a Trip Advisor recommended restaurant only to find that it was closed for two weeks. So, with the wind now at our backs, it was a fast whizz back to Halluin and lunch at Aux Pas Sage (help needed with the translation!)...

The menu

Le interioire mit mein host in background.
...where we had a really super meal: A complimentary brulee fois gras (now that is something different!), escargot in scalloped pasta shells, a St Jacques fish ‘soup’ for Lynn which had generous portions of perfectly cooked prawns and scallops and veal a la Marmite for moi, all washed down with a house recommended, Chateau La Grange (they follow us everywhere) Bordeaux red.

Escargot a la differance.

Nages de St Jaques - gambas.
Marmite de Rognon et Ris de Veau, creme de champignons.

That evening we had our neighbour Emmanuel Guendon from boat ‘Freimousse’ over for a drink.

And that was that.

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