Thursday, 23 April 2015

And back to Sluis Lommel.

Tuesday 14 April.

A stunning day! Relatively warm, clear and no wind.

We cast off at 09h40 and, three hours later, arrived at the watering point just before the lock where the girls went off in search of the lockkeeper who held the key to the taps. Be warned – if you want to fill up here you might need to join two hosepipes together as we had to reach the far side of the boat where Murphy had situated the water filler.

An hour later and ready to go we were informed that the lock was broken and, while it would not take long to repair, preference would be given to the commercials which were stacking up in line – presumably the same was happening on the opposite side of the lock for vessels going upstream. So we made the decision to moor at the jetty where we had spent Sunday. And a good decision it was as we watched the ‘heavies’ going up and down until late into the afternoon; part of the problem is that the locks are quite small and only fit one +/-50m barge at a time.

A relaxing day in all.

3 hours
No locks
One bridge

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