Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Packed and ready to go.

(Thanks to http://lastlemon.com/harolds-planet/ - we love the sentiment!)

Today we bid our little home, with its views over the city of Durban to the sea, farewell.

It will be somewhat of an adjustment moving from warm, sub-tropical temperatures to a very chilly European springtime but we are looking forward to getting back on board and continuing our journey. So the bags are packed and faraway places beckon.



  1. Ha! Our's, Shaun! A gift from one of my wife Lisette's workmates. They'd be chuffed to see it going viral.

    Envy you on your early start. Post when you can, but don't let it get in the way of having a great time. Cheers, Ian and Lisette.

  2. Thanks Ian - can you give me a link so I can give credit.

  3. Hi Shaun and Lynn managed to login to your blog will be following with interest, you should be on your way by now Enjoy

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  5. Hi James. Nice to hear from you.

  6. Hi Shaun,
    The original (http://www.haroldsplanet.com/daily/images/HP5707.gif) comes from "Harold's Planet" (http://lastlemon.com/harolds-planet/) who claim to be "the 53rd and 54th inhabitants of the Seychelles" - a site of happiness and whimsy. Have a look, I almost guarantee you'll smile.